On this world Press Freedom Day, I join our members of the Press in marking this moment.

I couldn’t let this great occasion go by without remembering your high-quality work that continues to play a critical role in reshaping the narrative of our nation.

We cherish our Somali journalists at home and abroad and it is through their persistence, that we are able to shape the future of our nation.

They have remained on the frontline during all disasters including this COVID-19 period.

The media is crucial for good governance, patriotism, national building and unity.

Be rest assured, the penal code of 1964 will be reformed to ensure it is not applied against any journalist.

My administration will not tolerate any infringement against the press and will continue to do its best to decriminalize journalism and all forms of violations against media establishments based on their political views.

Let us continue serving our nation because, this noble profession is one of the key ingredients for our prosperity as a nation.